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The problem

The photographer Sabrina Rodrigues used a platform for photographers and was limited to the features offered by the platform. Despite having quality in the systemic part, the website for the presentation of his work was precarious especially in relation to responsiveness, harming the device with the biggest source of traffic: the cell phone. She showed a special concern with the budget area of ​​her website, which should receive more attention since it was a link that was fixed on her social networks and used to send queries to clients.

The solution

In addition to solving responsiveness, designing a new project that valued her work, developing a system from scratch would allow us to also implement a complete budget system that simulates situations and total value. A bet of ours to increase conversion.

Difficulties throughout
the process

After the project was delivered, during some contacts to understand how it was being used, Sabrina mentioned that the “only difficulty was having to reproduce the appointments of her Google Calendar on the website calendar”, a necessary activity so that, during the process final budget, only really free dates were available. From there, we suggested an API integration and the problem was solved.