Brands and Visual Identity

Brands and Visual Identity

We work so that your product or company stands out in the market, presenting itself in accordance with your vision and values, with a unified, modern and suitable identity for different applications.

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Brands and Visual Identity
Visual Identity developed for Clicked.
Brands and Visual Identity
Casa Contemporânea
Casa Contemporânea is a decoration store. The architecture of its physical store is the name of the store and, due to such importance, it was also represented in the brand's graphics.
Brands and Visual Identity
From there, a clean typography is proposed, defined in hierarchies, solid and memorable lines, together with abstract formats that refer to furniture and drawing projects, and finally we have a signat
Brands and Visual Identity
Débora Santos
We redesigned but kept the figure of the peacock already presented in a previous version of the brand, since the peacock is also a symbol of security and representation of omnipotence, being therefore
Brands and Visual Identity
A visual object is said to be concentric when its composition is made from pieces whose central point is the same. In the case of our composition, objects do not exactly reveal their central point on
Brands and Visual Identity
Jeniffer Martello
For architect Jeniffer Martello, the development of her visual identity was based on the creative concept “projects that connect”.
Brands and Visual Identity
Jéssica Corso
We started with a very simple concept, considering that the personal brand should bring a visual aspect composed of interesting angles, recalling projects in the ground floor, for example, but also fe
Brands and Visual Identity
Santa Filomena
Cabanha Santa Filomena brought the challenge of composing a brand capable of covering the three main breeds of animals with which it works.
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Our development process

When contacting us, we talk to understand if it is a redesign or not, and what your expectations are in relation to the brand's results and applications. Our service is advisory. We assess the objectives and propose a budget based on the volume of screens to be analyzed or developed.

At the house, we deliver a brand entirely based on a briefing so that the client can be evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

As a result, the client receives a project with a defense file, justification and brand applications, in addition to high and vector files, ensuring that all application needs that may arise are met.

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