Web systems

Web systems

Web systems have mobility as their main advantage, since users do not need to install software on their computers to access them; all it takes is an internet connection and a browser. We indicate the development of systems when a customer envisions processes that can be solved or improved through a solution that does not yet exist on the market or that the development of an exclusive one can result in greater cost-benefit.

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Our development process

When contacting us, we make a brief survey of the needs and pains to be remedied. This meeting can be held under NDA if it is in the client's interest.

Our service is advisory. We assess objectives along with technical feasibility, competition, model and business rules.

We propose a budget together with a detailed scope, including infrastructure prerequisites and adequate documentation for the LGPD. In this way, the client has a complete idea of ​​the investment.

In-house, we deliver solutions tailored to demand based on briefing, with the possibility of breaking the project into deliverables (short-term sprints), where we produce fully functional product modules, which customers have access to try and test even before the completion of the project.

As a result, the customer receives a product whose documentation, intellectual property and developed codes are fully transferred to him, ensuring full control of the operation. We can also continue the project through maintenance and support contracts or outsourcing.

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